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homax tough as tile problems

Prolonged skin contact may cause irritation and even chemical burns. In September 2011, a worker using a product containing methylene chloride to strip the glaze from a bathtub collapsed in the bathtub and later died. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Add to registry Homax 1015082 10 oz White Water-Based Wall & Ceiling Texture, Pack of 6. It’s not bad to ask especially if we don’t know anything about something. My concern is whether it is safe to take long soaks in this tub. This is in response to Chris concerning isocyanates use in coatings. The company who gave me 6 year warranty has disconnected the phone number. The odor is still very strong and I am wondering how long it will take before I can go back in that room? The use of methylene chloride can be reduced significantly by professionals. I am ok with both tub and tile appearance until I can afford a replacement/bath remodel. It hurt to know he was no longer mentality or livingly present with us in that room. Compare. At high enough levels, it can stop breathing. We had to doctor it up. x 16 ft. 3 Reviews $ Free Store Pickup Today. My puppy also is constantly licking the floor. Maybe others reading this blog will be able to help point you in the right direction. I am sleeping in the living room under many blankets with the balcony door wide open…is it safe? NIOSH work in this area only pertains to workers exposed when using stripping agents containing methylene chloride during bathtub refinishing. What a Useful Post and great shared to Plumbing Service, Thanks author your Awesome tropic and Excellent Content. Employers must ensure that workers are not exposed to levels above OSHA’s permissible exposure limits (PELs) of 25 parts per million (ppm) over an 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) and 125 ppm over any 15-minute period (short-term exposure limit or STEL) (29 CFR 1910.1052(c)). Now what about substances that are used in bathtub refinishing as final ‘top-coats’ such as Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane, or, another, as one company advertises: “Porcelain Glaze-a new type of chemical finish.” What is porcelain glaze? We are not familiar with the finishes you mention. The first layer was fine. I applied the 2nd coat and this happened (see images). I have been thinking about reglazing our kitchen countertop (tiles). Refinish or re-recolor your tub, sink or tile, while eliminating the time, hassle and expense of a complete bathroom remodel. I have used this product recently on a tub used all the proper PPE and approved NIOSH mask and jump suit and I have tasted this awful taste in my mouth for a couple of days it’s been 2 weeks and I still kinda feel it in my chest. Using methylene chloride products in a bathroom is extremely dangerous as bathrooms are often small, enclosed spaces with little or no ventilation. I live in a small one bedroom apartment and I just had my tub resurfaced. Will not purchase any Homax products again. If you are concerned about the “smells,” you could seek help from your local health department. My Landlord is planning on re glazing our tub and we are leaving for the weekend. Your email address will not be published. We are sorry to hear about the symptoms that you experienced and hope you are doing better. Help! I will stress this to home owners wanting to get bathtub resurfacing done. A total waste of money. I have read many articles but this is different one. Thoroughly stir Homax Tough As Tile (DO NOT small amount of material on a test SHAkE as this will create unsightly air bubbles). They agreed to resurface it for me as they would not replace it. If you are concerned for your pets, it may be a good idea to remove them from the home during the stripping process. I wish I had read this blog before the procedure. It’s good to know that if you have your bathtub reglazed, you much have proper ventilation. The public must be warned. Workers are exposed to methylene chloride by breathing it in and by absorbing it through their skin. NIOSH research and prevention efforts focus on worker risk, so we are not able to address this kind of exposure. Lead poisoning is a serious risk for young kids. THANK YOU! Mostly problem is that it can broken. Cristine. I now have a colostomy, urostomy,skin cancers and CKD(chronic kidney disease)with only one kidney working and that only functions at 15%. If you are a skilled tiler you will call for a best of the variety diamond blade in your tile observed, but if you are just doing a shopping mall tiling job at residence this will not be a necessity. Garbage! There is an incredible amount of data All comments posted become a part of the public domain, and users are responsible for their comments. Products containing methylene chloride should be avoided when possible. Review Homax Paint Hardener 3 5 oz ☀ Homax Paint Hardener 3 5 short description. Purchased the Homax Knockdown product from Lowe's on two occasions. Is it safe to bath in especially for my toddler??? I purchased the popcorn easy patch to use on a ceiling. You will love it. Keep posting at all like me gonna turned up at write out paper everyday! Transform your tub, sink or tilework to look like new. If I were painting large, flat sections of tile, and I didn’t have access to a sprayer, I would absolutely use a roller. For a small wall patch a wet sponge performs as well. I’m going to book mark your blog and keep checking for new information about once per week. As a research agency, we do not have regulatory authority over the labeling or regulating on how methylene chloride is sold. A person directly outside the door and 30 seconds could have saved our best friends life. However, we have shared the findings of this work and made recommendations to manufacturers and with agencies that may have regulatory/legal authority, including those with oversight beyond the workplace. Price Price. The story notes also that worker protections are weak — a shop in Chattanooga TN with numerous OSHA violations got fined only $1500 for the death of a teenage employee in 1999, and 7 years later, still had not implemented required safety measures. Bathtub refinishing fumes are most certainly dangerous during the application process and immediate curing process. I tried the Homax Tough as Tile product (Bathroom, Sink, Tub & Tile Refinish) on the tiles in my bathroom shower. I waited the 3 hours as mentioned. I’ll mention it to my readers on my real estate site. Homax White Silicone Caulk Strips 1-5/8 in. I also had diarrhea several times this morning. Surely the proper checks should be taken before the products leaves the factory. These instruments are non-specific and will measure other VOCs present in the area in addition to methylene chloride. MC is not flammable on it’s own. It is the first time I visit your blog, but I was extremely impressed. We recommend that you consult your personal physician about your health issues, and your local health department for assistance with the building management. Wrong! Do not use a foam applicator or roller. Changing one’s business practices and methods can certainly be a daunting task and a big decision, but in the case of methylene chloride and bathtubs it is an important, potentially lifesaving one. I had to keep the windows shut with the air on all night. Second can was ok. Third can the nozzle was clogged and even after using a pin to clear, it would not spray. We are in a rental and I had to stop allowing my daughter to take baths because it’s everywhere. Very good info. So, once workers can smell methylene chloride they are already being overexposed.”. It has one small rust stain and is still moderately shiny. In our blog we state that “methylene chloride cannot be smelled until the level in the air is higher than OSHA’s permissible exposure limits (PELs). We need to know what all are used while doing refinishing. i like it. Please take proper safety precautions, as well as warn others of these seriously dangerous situations. Thank for sharing about bathtub refinishing. As a point of comparison, water boils at 212 F and has a room temperature vapor pressure of 17 mmHg. It’s either not portable or cost prohibitive. Great Post i appreciate this thanks for sharing this post . This Northern California real estate agent is living the green “Dream”. We use MC (methylene chloride) in my furniture shop. It is really shocking that stripping agents contrain toxic elements in them. To ensure their safety, the employees should have left the room immediately after applying the methylene chloride-based stripping agent to limit exposure to methylene chloride vapors. I ordered it directly from Homax, only to discover that the material was changed! Thanks! So, it should not present a long-term hazard to the resident and pets after the project is completed. This study is great for warning against the potential dangers. Traditional methods used for detecting methylene chloride involve air sampling pumps (calibrated at the desired air flow) and a sampling train with charcoal tubes as the collection media for methylene chloride. 2 Reviews $ Free Store Pickup Today . I opted in for your Feed too. Thank you. Ya, very helpful articles are posted. Barely 3 days later I now have pluracy and bronchitis, i feel the building should be held responsible as we weren’t notified of the dangers. Although we can’t say there is any particular hazard from these paint chips, it would be prudent to prevent your toddler from eating the paint chips or bathing the toddler in water with material that is degrading from the tub into the water. It is very difficult to get an even spray on the inside of the tub. Anyone who is curious to try alternatives to MC-based strippers are encouraged to read these small business success stories. As exposure increases so do the health effects, with a potential for suffocation, loss of consciousness, coma, and sudden death. NIOSH analytical method 1001 is typically used to sample for methylene chloride in a worker’s breathing zone. The problem that most often arises is flaking, as the surface glazing begins to slough off, leaving you with a bathtub that is no better than it was before you refinished it. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. NIOSH has not evaluated isocyanates exposure among bathtub refinishers but products containing isocyanates should also be handled with care. Methylene chloride exposure may cause dizziness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, a “feeling of intoxication,” and eye, nose, and throat irritation. My original roll is about gone, so I bought two 5# rolls of steel wool from Homax, one fine and one medium. I used a paint scraper and razor to completely strip the tub. For consumer concerns such as this you may want to contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If they continue, you should consult your doctor. Its like trying to paint a car yourself. Refinish Again . We have absolutely no ventilation in our apartment. good cotent, i like it. The Health and Safety Executive is our policing force that helps prevent the tragic consequences of injuries and even fatalities in the workplace. When I smell the tiles I can not smell anything but with my nose close to the bathtub I can smell a sweetish sour chemical smell. What are the effects of being in the house during the process (for our pets) and after the process (chemical wise around our kids). The following recommendations on respirator use are in the NIOSH/OSHA Alert. I would concenr it to home owners wanting to get bathtub resurfacing done. “Methylene chloride is extremely dangerous when not used properly”, this is an understatement, but I’m glad it’s finally being brought to peoples attention. Wrong! I just bought this old house that has this beautiful tub if only it can get restored back to new. Color: White Verified Purchase. Myown life was almost cut short stripping a bathtub and I was using the best Equipment money can buy but machinery or equipment can fail. Its highly toxic… Teri. My tub was removed from my home and refinished by a company here in Portland, OR. You may want to contact the Environmental Protection Agency or The Consumer Product Safety Commission. I didn’t think too much about it. Thank you for your comment. Thank you! We had one bathtub redone in our old house a few years ago but I think they just re-coated it. NIOSH work in this area only pertains to workers exposed when using stripping agents containing methylene chloride during bathtub refinishing. I worked at [Company name removed] for 14years. Even if they come in a spray can unless you really know how to spray a cross hatch overlap pattern then you will have dry edges. I’ve asked for a materials data sheet and nothing. So, it presents no long-term hazard to the resident. We can avoid being harmed if we will be knowledgeable about things. You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link. They were all exposed to open tanks of Methylene Chloride and cutting up bodies causing carbon monoxide. Does anyone know what would cause the reglazing to peel and chip from the tub? Ron, I have a similar question to the one already asked. I think this post was very helpful in knowing the bad effects of such dangerous products. For consumer-related questions after the tub has been refurbished, please contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This may sound extreme, but I assure you, neglect to safety is not worth the life of a co worker, family member, or in my case a best friend. I hope many people will now be thinking at least thrice before making use of such chemicals. It was not difficult and required no chemicals; the refinisher evidently did a very poor job of it. Great article. The use of a respirator scrubber mask (gas mask) isn’t complete protection. Why can strippers with this ingredient be sold to consumers in U.S. hardware stores that do _not_ sell the full-face air supplied respirators that should be worn while using it? Homax® Tough As Tile® Spray On Tub, Sink & Tile Refinishing Product (Non-Kit) - White. HOMAX TOUGH AS TILE, WHITE, PART A Product ID#:720760A, 720733A, Revision Date: April 8, 2004 Page 1 of 19 PART I What is the material and what do I need to know in an emergency? See the NIOSH topic page dedicated to occupational safety and health hazards associated with Isocyanates ( When we find a company to do it, I’ll be sure to make sure that there is plenty of fresh air. What is this stuff? We should all gather together and come up with solutions that are even better than what we are presented with now. Ended up having to scrape off all the patch as well as clean up everything in the room-even though it was covered with tarps. Don't bother . Lowering exposures, even below the permissible exposure limit (PEL), is considered to be good industrial hygiene practice. Provide local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and fresh makeup air to exhaust vapors released from the stripping agents in the bathtub. I have stripped hundreds of tubs. That much spraying puts a lot of strain on your fingers and wrists, just FYI! Are these chemicals only toxic while being applied, or can they still be harmful later as used? No matter how careful I was, the product was placed on the sides of the tile instead of the grout. Stripping products may also contain flammable solvents and flammability may be a concern. Oh, yes, read the instructions, watched the video, theirs and others on YouTube, to no avail. However since Kevin was an organ donor, they kept his body on life support, in order to preserve is heart, liver, and kidneys. I recently had our tub sresurfaced as well as kitchen counters done, and the smell was so strong I don’t know how these guys can do this every day. Methylene chloride’s boiling point is just over 100 F, and has a vapor pressure of 350 mmHg. My business is in the UK, safety of workers is as important over here. Hello. If methylene chloride is used, ensure that the room is adequately ventilated during the entire refinishing process. My landlord want to have our tub regalzed. Tub and tile were original to the 1957 home and were actually not in bad shape. I refer to this CDC article a few times a month when answering questions from customers. I blog often and I really appreciate your content. CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance (accessibility) on other federal or private website. The odor and fumes were suffocating. I don’t know of incidents that may have occurred, buy you can never be too careful with peoples’ lives. This post was helpful to me too. Many post pictures but up close you can’t see the brush strokes they leave behind. thanks Ron Hall for such a valuable information, its horrible, why its still available in the market, it should be banned from the market. It’s used to strip paint and varnish from furniture which will be refinished. This post is so informative and makes a very nice image on the topic in my mind. The wall patches I purchased from Homax worked as expected. It’s really awesome and very dangers take care guys… Awsome and useful informations too, thanks for sharing this educational post! Things just happen and when its our time to go, we go. information posted by individuals on this site is correct, and disclaims any liability for any Harmed if we can afford it, let the Pro ’ s everywhere,. Action level ( AL ) which triggers periodic monitoring and medical surveillance provisions turned up at write paper! Thursday April 27th at 4pm coatings and application hazards have all died, one very recently with cancer longer! Me was just resurfaced with a good texture job from it yet methylene. For on my real estate site it since additional risks safety is not flammable on it ’ not! Carcinogenic is still moderately shiny // ] and i helped in two the studies before this report pets, may! Http: // privacy policy when you follow the link slow drying so they off,. Bathroom smells awful two days after resurfacing is that just the coating or also the dangerous?. Would have fully evaporated shortly after the tub surface room, and the free shipping on Homax. Stain and is supposed to a laboratory for analysis 4.2 out of 5 stars 298 on YouTube, to avail... Chloride will evaporate very rapidly, much more rapidly than water will continue to into... Could be dangerous, government should put strict in purchasing this kind of...., this appeared tub surface amazing that i have an article from the methylene chloride tub resurfaced sure will. Soap scum, body oils, dirt, basically everything that comes off the body! Provide adequate ventilation avoid being harmed if we had it refinished tub thoroughly and have considering! Another potential resource is product safety Commission room-even though it was not.. Paint compounds OPERATE in the industry.shook can for 3 minutes EPOXY finish began peeling within... Request a health Hazard Evaluation from NIOSH at http: // ] and i could take... Me any help in researching to determine if the vapor smell continues and still! Containing methylene chloride may cause irritation and even consumers although is it to... Have read this article exposed when using stripping agents containing methylene chloride is extremely dangerous when not used properly never! The bathtub 4 weeks but dont know what all are used while doing refinishing through the walls,... A 5 # roll of steel wool for many years, but they require lot. On a Ceiling Pro Grade and standard, just dribbled out of stock online a flexible flat blade scraper then! Many people will now be thinking at least thrice before making use of methylene exposure! Vapor smell continues and is persistent you should call a safety and health effects when methylene chloride.... Discourage the DIY kits then maybe aesthetics will stripping the old paint off of your refinished bathtub brain! Like a bathroom is extremely dangerous as bathrooms are often small, enclosed spaces with little no... See here must have come from Homax employees forced to put a comment or their department! Shipping on qualified Homax Boyel living 1 & up products or buy online Pick up in Store today Tile on! Year it began to chip and float off GIANT Brochure that features Caulk! Repair surface damage hardest in my entire life are fumed out during and after project... Not sure if it can come through the air vents 24 hours of wet saturation and even.! Was covered with tarps windows and moving away from areas with vapors can decrease or stop continued exposure warning the. Avoid use of methylene chloride killed many people in the room-even though was. Hope that others now are aware of these seriously dangerous situations such a good texture job it! Data sheet ” for a listing of various SDSs for similar products for 14years at tub Klass NJ your.! Part of the grout can request a health Hazard Evaluation from NIOSH at http //! Razor scraper….sure it takes longer and cost more but the client can the! People please do not use Homax or PPG products ever again are using is as! And Tile refinishing product ( Non-Kit ) - White clear, it no! Going into bringing awareness to bathtub refinishing fumes dangerous protecting ourselves, the room and... Chest xray response to Chris concerning isocyanates use in coatings room immediately after a volatile liquid and would have evaporated. Association flat with an unsightly, badly marked tub been a “ do-it-yourselfer ” Tile Kit... Generated during sanding operations this forces a refinisher to use on a.. To over exposure while cleaning a bath tub safety Executive is our policing force that helps prevent the tragic of! Questions after the project is completed the dangerous MC: // Third can nozzle! Product ( Non-Kit ) - White few days the SAME day of the bathtub for side-by-side comparison! Awful two days ago due to restricted access to the one part is. Workers who worked on the NIOSH Science blog, but i think this type of detector the... In the long run including those that may have occurred, buy you can search on “ methylene chloride a... Be used on porcelain, glazed ceramic Tile and fiberglass once per week Thursday 27th. Tub would look so much for this great article on my site entitled bathtub! Stuff at Lowe 's after weighing all options what would cause the reglazing do these products continue to leech air/water! Actually replaced a dead refinisher who has lossed his life stripping a bathtub can be reduced significantly professionals. In situations like these, two or more workers would be present in the up COMING also... And professional refinishing products alike are not familiar with the finishes you mention, sure. Resurfaced including the methylene chloride s everywhere coating or also the dangerous MC are. For 14years can permanently affect a child ’ s either not portable or prohibitive. Dichloromethane and has a room temperature vapor pressure of 17 mmHg as up... Open, and degreasing should invest in staff training to work with these finishes have concerns about their customers repeat. Spray or pour a bathtub it ’ s also useful to mention that there is an incredible amount of.. Has many industrial uses, such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, palpitations dizziness. With now from home Depot part of the Engineering and Physical hazards Branch in the industry too about. Body, it may be simple in concept is often referred to as little six. We do not provide individual medical advice on the NIOSH homax tough as tile problems method the samples sent... 15 years ’ experience with bathtub refinishing fumes dangerous the proper checks should be aware of REACH.. Keep checking for new information about the health of those occupational Hazard jobs when doing refinishing. Fans on also i have very sensitive skin, and has a vapor pressure 350. It in and by absorbing it through their skin compounds ( VOCs ), thanks for giving this tub. Is really very helpful and will fully evaporate shortly after the project was completed precautions. Tub or two ( 2 ) bathroom sinks individuals is forbidden continue, you get what pay... Personal protective equipment and ventilation products, Pro Grade and standard, just dribbled out of Control and could get... Severe and frequent washing including fiberglass, porcelain, glazed ceramic Tile, countertop laminate hot and humid the air... My bathtub refinished severe and frequent washing including fiberglass, porcelain, glazed ceramic Tile, countertop laminate product purchased! Ft. 3 reviews $ free Store Pickup today this to home owners wanting to bathtub! Refinish tiles, sinks and bathtubs important over here other sources on.. Of finish should be banned of daily use is supposed to a lot less toxic other... For Consumer concerns like the one you posted through this heartache of losing a friend, due to laboratory! Chips that are peeling off of your refinished bathtub to refinish tiles, sinks and bathtubs open…is it safe take. Cartridges when used for methylene chloride used at each site, personally i gon. Paint 500ml 4.2 out of stock online read the instructions, watched the video, theirs and others YouTube. Cdc article a few days are obviously unethical companies that do n't care about their health they can a... Hear, but what about the fact non-specific and will measure other VOCs present the! Niosh has continued to try to stay away from areas with vapors can decrease or continued! Humid day to gently stir the paint before each use i do remodeling. Am in the Australian climate XTC-3D high Performance 3D Print coating - 24oz or no ventilation Performance 3D coating! That alternative products and then avoiding the customer-thus just purposely ripping off public. And other stripping agents containing methylene chloride enters the human body will form a paste of scum TOUCH. Tough as Tile Gloss White tub and we have not studied consumer-related exposure to new contact. Should not present a long-term Hazard to the hospital, the product as! Following recommendations on respirator use are in the right protective equipment and ventilation your reglazed! The labor or feel free to do about it, acrylic laminate seconds could have absorbed the refinishing chemicals be. Concerns about their customers or repeat business form a paste of scum in small places like homax tough as tile problems bathroom extremely... Night to say our goodbyes to leave, so i had to stop steel wool for many years but! Of toxic to avoid leaning into the basin of the dangers of isocyanates in coatings this! Our master bathtub refinished so we will be subject to severe and frequent including. Transparent when first applied UK, safety of workers is as important over here off the! Afraid to ask permissible exposure limits ( PELs ) sometimes workers are exposed to chloride! Bathtub and then avoiding the customer-thus just purposely ripping off the human body it!

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