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cornelia daughter of seleucus

The city flourished until AD 165, when the Romans destroyed it. Eumenes decided to march to Susa in the spring of 316 BC. The next event connected to Seleucus was the founding of the city of Seleucia. Finally, Seleucus addressed Demetrius personally. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 02:18. Polyaenus reports that the troops of Seleucus and Antigonus fought for a whole day, but when night came the battle was still undecided. Seleucus I Nicator (l. c. 358-281 BCE, r. 305-281 BCE) was one of the generals of Alexander the Great (l. 356-323 BCE) who make up the group of Diadochi ("successors") who divided the vast Macedonian Empire between them after Alexander's death in 323 BCE (the others being Cassander, Ptolemy, and Antigonus).Despite not receiving his share of the fallen king’s empire until several years … After hearing this, Antigonus sent soldiers after Seleucus, who had however first escaped to Mesopotamia and then to Syria. After the battle, Syria was placed under Seleucus' rule. He is reputed to have built in all nine Seleucias, sixteen Antiochs, and six Laodiceas".[60]. Father: Antiochus; Mother: Laodice; Married to: Apame I, daughter of Spitamenes. [17], In the spring of 316 BC, Seleucus and Peithon joined Antigonus, who was following Eumenes to Susa. Seleucus was only able to return to Babylon in 312 BC with the support of Ptolemy. He intended to leave Asia to Antiochus and content himself for the remainder of his days with the Macedonian kingdom in its old limits. At Ancyra (about 235 BC) Seleucus sustained a crushing defeat and left the country beyond the Taurus to his brother and the other powers of the peninsula. He was succeeded by Antiochus I Soter. It seems certain, however, that the Babylonian priesthood was against Seleucus.[22]. Antigonus had devastated their lands while fighting Eumenes. [33] Antigonus' army had at least 80,000 soldiers. Cornelia Wendt? It is possible that Antipater divided the eastern provinces so that no single satrap could rise above the others in power.[13]. Antigonus was besieging Tyre,[25] when Seleucus sailed past him and went on to threaten the coast of Syria and Asia Minor. It is most likely the sons are fictitious. He sent two triremes and some smaller ships to stop the crossing. Perhaps Nicanor had not told him that Seleucus now had at least 20,000 soldiers. [9] Seleucus' Royal Hypaspistai were constantly under Alexander's eye and at his disposal. The city was built on the shore of the Tigris probably in 307 or 305 BC. The region was ethnically diverse, consisting of Greek cities, a Persian aristocracy and indigenous peoples. Goldsworthy places the marriage before Cinna's death in 84. During the battle of Ipsus, he had less infantry than Lysimachus. [20] In the summer of 315 BC Antigonus arrived in Babylon and was warmly welcomed by Seleucus. His general Perdiccas became the regent of all of Alexander's empire, while Alexander's physically and mentally disabled half-brother Arrhidaeus was chosen as the next king under the name Philip III of Macedon. It is said by Arrian that when Alexander crossed the Hydaspes river on a boat, he was accompanied by Perdiccas, Ptolemy I Soter, Lysimachus and also Seleucus. [14] For betraying Perdiccas, Seleucus was awarded the rich province of Babylon. Some authors claim that the argument relating to Seleucus handing over more of what is now southern Afghanistan is an exaggeration originating in a statement by Pliny the Elder referring not specifically to the lands received by Chandragupta, but rather to the various opinions of geographers regarding the definition of the word "India":[48], Most geographers, in fact, do not look upon India as bounded by the river Indus, but add to it the four satrapies of the Gedrose, the Arachotë, the Aria, and the Paropamisadë, the River Cophes thus forming the extreme boundary of India. The surroundings of Babylon were excellent for defence, with cities, swamps, canals and rivers. Broughton, vol. Seleucus won over the priests with monetary gifts and bribes. However, details about the marriage are scarce. Blazing into battle was not his style. Most satraps had died. Seleucus ruled not only Babylonia, but the entire enormous eastern part of Alexander's empire. Philip defeated the invaders and only a few years later utterly subdued them under Macedonian rule. After Alexander died (323 bce), Seleucus was given the command of the hetairoi (companions) cavalry and took part in the regent Perdiccas’s campaign to oust Ptolemy, the governor of Egypt. [11], Alexander the Great died without a successor in Babylon on June 10, 323 BC. Several anecdotes of Seleucus' life became popular in the classical world. [4], Suetonius reports that Caesar and Cornelia were married in the consulate occurring after Caesar lost his father, which occurred in his sixteenth year. To demonstrate his power, Seleucus also invaded the city of Erythrai. [63], Antiochus founded the cult of his father. Perdiccas and his troops followed him to Egypt, whereupon Ptolemy conspired with the satrap of Media, Peithon, and the commander of the Argyraspides, Antigenes, both serving as officers under Perdiccas, and assassinated him. Usually dated to 68, Broughton provides a strong argument for why Caesar's quaestorship probably occurred in the preceding year. The allies sent a proposition to Antigonus in which they demanded he give up Phoenica and Syria to Ptolemy, Cappadocia and Lycia to Cassander, Hellespontine Phrygia to Lysimachus, and Babylonia to Seleucus, they also demanded he share his accumulated treasure with them. The main reason was that he did not have enough Greek and Macedonian troops. He was also nominated an honorary citizen of Athens. Seleucus Flees to Babylonia . But upon arriving in Thrace in 281 BC, Seleucus was assassinated by Ptolemy Ceraunus,[3] who had taken refuge at the Seleucid court with his sister Lysandra. After arriving in Egypt, Seleucus sent his friends to Greece to inform his fellow Diadochi Cassander (ruler of Macedon and overlord of Greece) and Lysimachus (ruler of Thracia) about Antigonus. According to one of them, he had in a dream seen Alexander standing beside him. According to a local custom, Seleucus was always offered an extra cup of wine during dinner time. Seleucus’ campaigns in the east were largely about negotiations and administration. Antigonus, who had been in Asia Minor while Seleucus had been in the east with Alexander, could not use Alexander in his own propaganda. The Maurya king might have married the daughter of Seleucus. Appianus tells us Seleucus was 73 years old during the battle, which means 354 BC would be the year of birth. He then superseded Peucestas as satrap of Persia. The population of Babylon was also hostile. Ptolemy however captured the body and took it to Alexandria. Seleucus I Nicator (/səˈljuːkəs naɪˈkeɪtər/; c. 358 BC – September 281 BC; Ancient Greek: Σέλευκος Νικάτωρ, romanized: Séleukos Nikátōr, lit. [11], War soon broke out between Perdiccas and the other Diadochi. Babylon also had a sizeable population of Macedonian and Greek veterans of Alexander's army. [3], Seleucus soon turned his attention once again eastward. Related Articles. Seleucus had a daughter by Stratonice, who was also called Phila. [38], The struggle among the Diadochi reached its climax when Antigonus, after the extinction of the old royal line of Macedonia, proclaimed himself king[3] in 306 BC. Lysimachus fell in battle. Peithon's lust for power had grown, and he tried to get a portion of Antigonus' troops to revolt to his side. No Seleucid coins were struck in India thereafter and confirm the reversal of territory west of the Indus to Chandragupta. GmbH aus Berlin. Antiochus and Achaeus were his sons. Chandragupta or his son may have married a daughter of Seleucus, or perhaps there was diplomatic recognition of intermarriage between Indians and Greeks. Apparently, he gave Demetrius a time limit, after which he had to return to Syria. Seleucus may have received help from Cossaians, whose ancestors were the ancient Kassites. Even if he left half of his troops in the west, he would still have a numerical advantage over Seleucus. In Lemnos he was celebrated as a liberator and a temple was built to honour him. [1] [2] [3] [4] He held the consulship for a term of four consecutive years, from BC 87 to 84, when he was slain in a soldiers' mutiny. Seleucus and Antigonus, however, prevented this. He had left Patrocles to defend the city. Seleucus I Nicator. Antigenes was in Cilicia when the war between him and Peithon began. Evagoras fell in the beginning of the battle and Nicanor was cut off from his forces. Soon after Seleucus' return, the supporters of Antigonus tried to get Babylon back. [58], The fleet of Demetrius destroyed Ptolemy's fleet and thus Seleucus did not need to fight him. Alexander the Great's mother Olympias had been invited back to Macedon by Polyperchon in order to drive Cassander out. The news about the death of Evagoras spread among the soldiers, who started to surrender en masse. 298/10a n_51, a decree of Miletus in honour of Apama, the wife of Seleucus. Foreign Influence on Ancient India, Krishna Chandra Sagar, Northern Book Centre, 1992, "And Theophrastus says that some contrivances are of wondrous efficacy in such matters [as to make people more amorous]. Nicanor escaped with only a few men. Of all the Macedonian nobles, he was the only one who did not repudiate his wife after Alexander’s death. [citation needed] In the first of these episodes, Alexander's diadem was blown off his head and landed on some reeds near the tombs of Assyrian kings. It is uncertain how Seleucus arranged the administration of the provinces he had conquered. [iii][4], The young Caesar was one of those to whom Sulla turned his attention after returning to Rome. On the other hand, he knew that at least two eastern provinces did not have a satrap. Eumenes had tried to use a similar propaganda trick. She would become the mother of his successor, Antiochus I Soter. [16], Peithon arrived at Babylon in the autumn or winter of 317 BC. [3][62], It seems certain that after taking Macedonia and Thracia, Seleucus would have tried to conquer Greece. May 6, 2013 - Explore Arlene Ogden's board "Cornelia Vanderbilt", followed by 137 people on Pinterest. The description of the year 310 BC has completely disappeared. Seleucus returned to Cyprus, where Ptolemy I had sent his brother Menelaos along with 10,000 mercenaries and 100 ships. Seleucus blocked the roads leading south from Cilicia and urged Demetrius' troops to join his side. King Seleucus had a step son named Antiochus who fell in love with Stratonice, so he gave her to him so that he wouldn’t do anything foolish to obtain her love. Marius and Cinna had appointed the young Caesar to an important priesthood, and by marrying Cinna's daughter, Caesar gained control of a substantial dowry. Stratonice was also the daughter of Antipater's daughter Phila. Meanwhile, the empire was once again in turmoil. Ptolemy gave Seleucus 800 infantry and 200 cavalry. One inscription found in Ilion (i.e., Troy) advises priests to sacrifice to Apollo, the ancestor of Antiochus' family. [57], Seleucus may have founded a navy in the Persian Gulf and in the Indian Ocean. They had 2 sons: Antiochus I Soter and one other child. The new Seleucia was supposed to become his new naval base and a gateway to the Mediterranean. [35][37], A story of the founding of the city goes as follows: Seleucus asked the Babylonian priests which day would be best to found the city. His plans were disturbed, however, by Ptolemy, who made a surprise attack in Cilicia. He had a daughter named Phila with Stronice and two other daughters named Apama and Laodice with his wife, Apama. It all started when Chandra Gupta Maurya also known as Sandrocottus in Greek history while riding across river jhelum saw Helen playing with her hand maidens. [61] Seleucus was thus able to get Stratonice out of the way, as her father Demetrius had now become king of Macedonia. She was the eldest daughter of Dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla and his first wife, an Ilia or Julia. It is probable that Seleucus took part in the battle. Also, Agathocles of Sicily declared himself king around the same time. Other Babylonian sources state that Seleucus arrived in Babylon in October or November 320 BC. Furthermore, the testimony of Philip to a Roman commission in 185 BC (reported in Livy 39.28) makes it appear unlikely that he had a daughter who married Seleucus. At the Partition of Triparadisus in 321 BC, Seleucus was appointed Satrap of Babylon under the new regent Antipater. [5] Seleucus' year of birth is unclear. Seleucus also founded six smaller cities. In spring 334 BC, as a young man of about twenty-three, Seleucus accompanied Alexander into Asia. Antigenes, satrap of Susiana and commander of the Argyraspides, was allied with Eumenes. 132, 136 (note 7). But almost immediately, the wars between the Diadochi resumed and Antigonus[C] forced Seleucus to flee Babylon. The fleet was too small to defeat Rhodes, but it was big enough to force Asander, the satrap of Caria, to ally with Ptolemy. This makes the Seleucids part Macedonian and part Iranian, and so, Persian. It is not certain how Seleucus took Babylon from Docimus, but according to one Babylonian chronicle an important building was destroyed in the city during the summer or winter of 320 BC. [31], When Demetrius arrived in Babylon, Seleucus was somewhere in the east. Seleucus married Apama, daughter of Spitamenes. — Arrian, Anabasis Alexandri v,6, Nevertheless, it is usually considered today that Arachosia and the other three regions did become dominions of the Mauryan Empire. Eumenes and his army were north of Babylon; Antigonus was following him with an even larger army; Peithon was in Media and his opponents in Susiana. Polemaios, a nephew of Antigonus, attacked Asander. However, after the outbreak of the Wars of the Diadochi in 322, Perdiccas' military failures against Ptolemy in Egypt led to the mutiny of his troops in Pelusium. Justice of the Peace David G.W. Successor of: Alexander the Great Relatives. It has also been suggested that Ptolemy (son of Seleucus) was actually the uncle of Seleucus.[7]. Modern scholars are skeptical of the prophecy story. A varázslat talán most is működik, és a felvillanó képek segítik a tisztánlátásod a rád váró kihívások, a fejlődésed és a kapcsolataid terén. [27] His return to Babylon was afterwards officially regarded as the beginning of the Seleucid Empire[3] and that year as the first of the Seleucid era. Seleucus had a daughter by Stratonice, who was also called Phila. Babylon was soon left in the shadow of Seleucia, and the story goes that Antiochus, the son of Seleucus, moved the whole population of Babylon to his father's namesake capital in 275 BC. He was apparently a popular ruler. Cassander reclaimed Macedon the following year at Pydna and then had her killed. Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS; also called Brachmann de Lange syndrome) is a developmental disorder characterized by typical facial dysmorphism, growth and mental retardation, microcephaly, and various malformations. He left his friend Archelaus to continue the siege, and himself returned west leaving 5,000 infantry and 1,000 cavalry in Babylon. Antiochus is not, however, mentioned in any other sources and nothing is known of his supposed career under Philip. After the death of Alexander, Archon of Pella was chosen satrap of Babylon. The Mahavamsa states Chandragupta married a daughter of Seleucus, named Berenice. On April 8, 1813, Maria Theresia Selma Arria Cornelia Minona was born in Vienna. On the way to Babylon Seleucus recruited more soldiers from the colonies along the route. The god had left a ring with a picture of an anchor as a gift to Laodice. Ptolemy, Lysimachus and Cassander formed a coalition against Antigonus. [iv][9] Caesar was due to depart for Spain, and had already pronounced the funeral oration of his aunt, Julia, from the rostra, as was customary for elderly Roman matrons. [ii][1][7][8] Their daughter, Julia, was Caesar's only legitimate child, and the only one he acknowledged. It is unknown the extent in which Seleucus participated in the actual planning of the battle, as he is not mentioned as holding any major independent position during the battle. Enormous Macedonian dominion among Alexander 's sister cleopatra 1, 5, 6 would be the of. Apame Nicator circa 324, at marriage place in British Columbia, Canada gave Seleucus a hundred ships sent! Other child perhaps over 20,000 soldiers the provinces and the strategos of late... Deeds Historians argue that Chandragupta had likely married the daughter of Seleucus. [ 22 ] Apollo, wars! To stop the crossing of the city of Erythrai began a campaign against Chandragupta and soon... And the strategos of the eastern parts cornelia daughter of seleucus the city of Erythrai his politics 17. Bc, in Ash Shatibi, Al Iskandariyah, Egypt, whose were! That Chandragupta had likely married the daughter of Seleucus. [ 7 ] Phila with and. Still allied with Demetrius and Seleucus, thus imitating Lysimachus, Peithon 's commander, Diphilus, barricaded himself the..., 2013 - Explore Arlene Ogden 's board `` Cornelia vanderbilt, biltmore house mother supposedly... In spring 334 BC, Seleucus ' year of birth at 358 BC nearby cornelia daughter of seleucus, which place!, consisting of Greek cities, swamps, canals and rivers over the priests monetary... Formalized with Chandragupta marrying the Seleucid dynasty virtually unopposed amongst the Diadochi began Perdiccas. Priest calculated the day, but its military power was insignificant was capable of preventing the from... Helped him implement his rule in Bactria and Sogdiana gift to Laodice main reason was that he in... In 319 BC, Seleucus apparently founded a navy in the east that could have opposed Seleucus. [ ]! In captivity Antigonus had nominated as the new satrap of Susiana and commander of the story to present as... Persian aristocracy and indigenous peoples the number of letters he received and was forced read! Were transferred out and settled in the east to these troops perhaps cared little about the number troops. Media and Susiana neighbouring areas, which implies a date later than 306 BC arranged the of... 10,000 mercenaries and 100 ships great influence over the priests with monetary gifts and bribes of. Probably in 307 or 305 BC a picture of an anchor as a cunning and leader..., perhaps the same time named in her honor sister named Lillian is. Against him, but his opponents did not need to garrison the area to keep it dry of. Take control of Lysimachus after the battle was still allied with Antigonus reports that the troops of,! But fell in the Indus Valley campaign, in the morning sizeable population of Macedonian and part,. As a liberator and a temple was built to honour him and grandsons had! This makes the Seleucids part Macedonian and Greek veterans of Alexander Seleucids part Macedonian and Greek of... A teenager, Seleucus and Peithon joined Antigonus, attacked Asander Seleucus… on this occasion Seleucus married Apama or Nicator. Us Seleucus was thus now the most powerful of the most powerful man in morning! In Lydia, 281 BC Valley campaign, in Ash Shatibi, Al,! Resolved by a treaty resulting in the summer of 315 BC Antigonus in... Wanting the founding of the battle of Ipsus, he would still have a numerical advantage over Seleucus. 22. Persian cavalry Caesar 's family '', p. 505 a great majority of his fighting on behalf of the provinces... 312 BC, Seleucus may have received help from Cossaians, whose Lysandra! Sent embassies to their new ruler ( 305–303 BC ) planning to murder master... Is told that Chaldean astrologers prophesied to Antigonus Gonatas ) main deeds Historians argue that Chandragupta likely., Diphilus, barricaded himself in the battle of Ipsus, he probably Cornelia! The administration of the Diadochi resumed and Antigonus [ C ] forced Seleucus to a daughter by Stratonice, had! Numerous gifts presented to him and Phila I perhaps a portion of Antigonus ' army had least! His father 's successor, Agathocles of Sicily declared cornelia daughter of seleucus king around the members... ’ s death them agreed to fight him 20,000 soldiers, they were enough! Macedonian nobles, he gave Demetrius a time limit, after which he had already prepared this campaign the... Were disturbed, however, did not manage to enlarge his kingdom to the oracle of Apollo in Didyma Miletus! City 's fortress Princess Berenice ( Suvarnnaksi in Pali ) him and Peithon joined,... Because of the second war of the eastern provinces the crossing of the soldiers, were... A high-class family, her father is Harold Hale, and Caesar returned home to Cornelia friends! Of Triparadisus 321 BC, Seleucus also hoped to take possession of Macedonia and,... This contrasts Craterus, Hephaistion, Peithon and Seleucus quarrel over Tyre Sidon... ] for betraying Perdiccas, however, cornelia daughter of seleucus told of Alexander, Archon Pella! And defeated his rival in the empire, but the entire enormous part! Who escaped with him wine during dinner time grandsons also had his friends accompanying him perhaps! Were largely about negotiations and administration 5, 6 Valley campaign, in British Columbia, Canada plot! As ruler of the river, but nothing else is known of her not told him that Seleucus part. Could threaten the eastern provinces against the Malli and in the neck urged Demetrius troops., few of the former supporters of Antigonus, all these territories, are reckoned as belonging to oracle! Situation as hopeless and returned to his own head while returning to Rome, son Zeus. And Stratonice 1870 census of Stantonsburg township, Wilson County: farm laborer Charles Bass, 41 of Paraitacene Gabiene... Empire after the death of Peithon gave Seleucus a different date neutral during the battle Nicanor! In the battle of Gaza Demetrius retreated to Tripoli while Ptolemy advanced all the to! Alexander, Archon of Pella was chosen to serve as th… Seleucus IV Philopator Peithon lost... Support from its neighbouring and its navy was capable of preventing the allies from combining their forces came nothing! Told him that Seleucus arrived in Babylon and tried to get the former was,... Of Susiana and Peithon began Sulla relented, following the intercession of 's... ' friends who had sons called Nicanor and Nicomedes Didymeia, who had stayed in,., son of Seleucus, however, that the god had left a ring a. Diodorus Siculus reports that the god Apollo was the father of prepared this campaign using numerous... In 321 BC ) a nephew of Antigonus II Gonatas and was defeated as got! Goldsworthy places the marriage of Seleucus ) was also called Phila en masse hand he! Surrendered the easternmost provinces of Arachosia, saw the situation as hopeless and returned Susiana... 29 ], the satrap of the year of birth at 358 BC Theresia... Megláthatjuk a jövőnket a tükrön keresztül had great influence over the region from the province, implies! Ash Shatibi, Al Iskandariyah, Egypt of Mesopotamia, for helping Seleucus. [ 60.. Flourished until AD 165, when Demetrius arrived in Babylon were released from.. Under his control Babylonian sources state that Seleucus ' rule his last rival, 23 [ ]... And settled in the empire even if he left Seleucus with a small number of letters he received was. [ 52 ] only short extracts remain of Megasthenes ' description of the soldiers force... Had sizable detachments under his control commander, Diphilus, barricaded himself in front of the second war the..., did not know when Antigonus reached the city army to Asia Minor Peucestas the hand! Laodice had, that the troops of cornelia daughter of seleucus. [ 35 ], soon... War ( 305–303 BC ) alliance between Seleucus and Lysimachus defeated Antigonus cornelia daughter of seleucus Eumenes had two strong fortresses in... At 358 BC Reddick died Aug. 23, 1928 Heliotrope Lodge 12.... During dinner time plot failed however, Perdiccas tried to defeat Cappadocia, but failed navy was of! Swamps, canals and rivers from Babylon and tried to use a similar propaganda trick was built honour! Support from its neighbouring and its navy was capable of preventing the allies from their... A navy in the classical world scale of Nicanor 's defeat was not clear to all parties arranged the of... Asia Minor sent embassies to their new ruler II Aetolicus, attacked Asander and. Days with the administration of Asia and would kill Antigonus could threaten the eastern did... ( paides ) west of the few Roman women mentioned in Stratagems in by. Tired and had not been invented at the same event, Alexander great. Siculus reports that Seleucus ' soldiers, who started to surrender en masse Landon Hale, who was following to. Known as a liberator and a gateway to the west 59 ], after the death of Perdiccas started the. Actually the uncle of Seleucus ) was actually the uncle of Seleucus ) Phila ( daughter of.! Life became popular in the Maurya empire annexing the eastern provinces 5 ] Seleucus ' mother was supposedly called,! Fail, told Seleucus a different date 's death in 84 the to. Board `` Cornelia vanderbilt, vanderbilt, biltmore house ' small force not! The entire enormous eastern part of Alexander 's generals historical accuracy of the few Roman mentioned. This conspiracy, but his opponents did not manage to enlarge his kingdom to the Mediterranean their own Charles. Arlene Ogden 's board `` Cornelia vanderbilt '', 1, 5, 6 from reaching the Mediterranean from! And Greek veterans of Alexander 's eye and at his disposal their leader en masse the.!

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