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Server Setup – TV Mobili

It’s been ages since my last post so I thought I’d give an attempt at something useful for the interwebs. Tvmobili is a free DLNA server I’ve recently become familiar with. There’s a million and one ways of streaming media and DLNA is one of them, personally I’d prefer SMB but with an XBOX 360 being part of my network DLNA was a must for my new home server so this was my solution. The server is running x64 Debian which has posed a problem; tvmobili is only compiled to run on 32 bit. There’s a simple solution for this which I’ve listed below. Take note, I use sudo so if you don’t have the sudo command installed and configure login as root or type “su” enter and login as root. These instructions should work for many debian based systems:

1. Download the tvmobili *.deb package, logged into a terminal I used wget
2. Install 32 bit libraries if using x64 linux, these are required to run 32 bit software:
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
3. Install TvMobili:
sudo dpkg -i –force-architecture tvmobili-debian-linux-i386.deb (you can forego the –force-architecture on a 32 bit install)
4. Check tvmobili started properly:
ps -e | grep tvmobilisvcd
If this command shows any result then the tvmobili daemon is running
5. Login to configure tvmobili, you can do this from the same machine by visiting or on the same local network by going to your server_hostname:30888 (where server_hostname is your hostname) or the ip_address:30888 where ip_address is your server’s IP. From here you should be able to follow the guides on their site regarding configuration, here.

If all went according to plan that should be all that’s required, give tvmobili a while to index all your content, though it is rather speedy and took only a matter of minutes to index about a terabyte of my own data (though this was on a 4 disk RAID so it had a lot of disk read speed). You can monitor this on the status page of the tvmobili configuration page. It should automatically become visible to all DLNA clients on your network.


    • nitestick
      nitestick June 25, 2012

      If you fully describe your problem I might be able to help, so you’ve got as far as all the setup steps mentioned here?

  1. ACanadian
    ACanadian June 25, 2012

    Can you offer any advice if the tvmobilisvcd service did not start correctly?

    • nitestick
      nitestick June 25, 2012

      If you run the following as root what output do you get?

      $ /etc/init.d/tvmobilisvcd start (or you could use restart)

      There are a few config files for it scattered around, I think I initially had some issues with the file ownership/permissions of the config files. Can you run uname –all

  2. ACanadian
    ACanadian June 26, 2012

    Turns out the problem was the ARM processor on the DNS-323. Had to contact support and get a special build.

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