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You deserve to die

“You deserve to die”

Those were the words from the toothy, beer-gutted man from the safety of his two tonne 4WD. Surely I had committed a grievous transgression to warrant these words. I pondered to myself what it could be. That morning I’d left home for work at 5:25am, travelled 3km to this point and not encountered a single car. Until now. I had my bright lights on, I was wearing a helmet and obeying all laws. In fact I was stationary at the time this happened.

The man in his four wheeled cage had pulled up next to me at the traffic lights, straddling a lane marker to squeeze in intimidatingly close to my side. He’d waited until the light change to roll down his window and drop his knowledge on me, followed by something unintelligible. He then accelerated and cut across my path.

It’s mighty harsh to deem someone worthy of death, and I wouldn’t condemn this man to an early one. It seems though that he’s probably destined for one, being unfit and full of anger. I’m going to keep to riding instead, despite it being a crime worthy of death to some.

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