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Author: nitestick

Using NUT (Network UPS Tools) With Powershield Defender 1200

Again it’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted anything. Here’s a guide to how I got my Powershield Defender 1200 up and running using NUT under Debian. This is a cheap and lightweight (software wise, UPSes weigh a ton) solution for power protection of a home or small business server. Installing NUT: This part is dead simple, the NUT packages are already in the Debian repos so: sudo apt-get install nut This will install all NUT components and it’s dependencies. It does most of the hardwork for you, you just need to modify configuration files to your needs. Modifying configuration files: There are several configuration files that need to be modified in order to get a functional install; nut.conf, ups.conf, upsd.users and upsmon.conf. You can use the locate command that’s pre-installed on most systems to find them, the following is from my Debian box but your paths may be…


Server Setup – TV Mobili

It’s been ages since my last post so I thought I’d give an attempt at something useful for the interwebs. Tvmobili is a free DLNA server I’ve recently become familiar with. There’s a million and one ways of streaming media and DLNA is one of them, personally I’d prefer SMB but with an XBOX 360 being part of my network DLNA was a must for my new home server so this was my solution. The server is running x64 Debian which has posed a problem; tvmobili is only compiled to run on 32 bit. There’s a simple solution for this which I’ve listed below. Take note, I use sudo so if you don’t have the sudo command installed and configure login as root or type “su” enter and login as root. These instructions should work for many debian based systems: 1. Download the tvmobili *.deb package, logged into a terminal…


Android 2.2 (Froyo) for HTC Desire on Telstra!

It’s finally made release. It’s not an Over The Air update as was originally speculated but you can grab it here. It’s relatively simple if you follow the instructions. Keep in mind though it will erase all user data including messages and contacts. I recommend downloading MyBackup (the free version) from the App Market. You can use this to backup all your apps and phone data then restore them once your update is complete, it will backup to a folder called rerware which will remain after the upgrade as will other data such as your music and video files. A couple of great reasons to get the update: 720p video recording and a wifi hotpsot app so that you can share your phone’s internet connection with other wifi enabled devices.

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Behind The Helpdesk

We get some strange people in this line of work. It can be quite challenging to remain polite and professional to customers. There’s all types: seedy sounding people you really wouldn’t want to meet in real life, lonely people that you can hear pain in their voice and an unwillingness to let you go, eccentrics and rude people. I enjoy my job though, it’s satisfying to solve people’s problems, even when a large number of people won’t thank you for it. The domain names that people enquire about are pretty hilarious too, I once dealt with a business calling themselves Fix Ur Computer Kwik IT.

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For those of you who have ever wondered what an $800 phone looks like after being run by a bus, I have an answer for you. Here’s the result of my HTC Desire vs a Transperth bus: A very expensive lesson in why one shouldn’t run to catch the bus. Next time i’ll just be late for work and not have to work over a week to pay for a new phone. Telstra were very helpful, by that I mean they tried to convince me the only option was to buy out my near new contract at almost $1000 and start a new contract with a new phone when the handset replacement price is much cheaper. Feeling much better than I was yesterday morning when this happened now it’s replace but it certainly stung my savings account. Apps, widgets and settings all settled in just like my old phone, Viva…

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