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About Me


My name is Patrick. This is a blog a set up a long time ago, in a  life that seems like it was lived by someone else. Back when I started this I worked a job that gradually sent me into insanity and depression.  I’ve left a few morsels from that time that aren’t complete garbage. I’ll endeavour to update this with some useful content over time that isn’t cycling related. This blog will remain true to it’s original intent of tech and randomness. You’ll more frequently find me over at A Few Spokes Loose writing about cycling.


  1. Arrr I be Pirate
    Arrr I be Pirate April 27, 2011

    Googling ‘S0ULphIRE’ links me to this forum. Epic lol :p

  2. nitestick
    nitestick May 2, 2011

    Fix’d, your directory is no longer indexed so it should disappear from the Googles.

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