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About Me


My name is Patrick. This is a blog a set up a long time ago, in a  life that seems like it was lived by someone else. Back when I started this I worked a job that would gradually send me into depression, drugs and obesity.  I’ve left a few morsels from that time that aren’t complete garbage. I’ll endeavour to update this with some useful content over time that isn’t cycling related. You’ll frequently find me over at A Few Spokes Loose.


  1. Arrr I be Pirate
    Arrr I be Pirate April 27, 2011

    Googling ‘S0ULphIRE’ links me to this forum. Epic lol :p

  2. nitestick
    nitestick May 2, 2011

    Fix’d, your directory is no longer indexed so it should disappear from the Googles.

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