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Month: March 2018

Making a Chromecast work in a VM

OK, so this is a little more than making a Chromecast work in a VM but this is what spurred me to this solution. As I do all my primary computing in virtualisation now I encountered an issue; I couldn’t reach my Chromecast from within a basic virtualised network. I use Qemu KVM, libvirtd and Virt-Manager to handle my VMs on a Linux host but the following principles are applicable to other platforms with different methods. Virtual NAT In a virtual NAT, all network traffic for your VM routes through your host machine using NAT. NAT has a number of advantages of it’s own, chiefly that it allows a large number of devices to utilise a single internet address and that it can make certain kinds of malicious traffic easier to block. Out of the box, a computer behind a NAT is harder to reach unless it’s trying to communicate…

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